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Blog #4 | Ruben Wijlacker | about Deelstra's work

Jonat Deelstra’s work has a certain mystique to it. He depicts wonderful, vibrant worlds, but his continuous juxtaposing of comfort and discomfort creates a certain disturbance and uncanniness, as though we have reached the limits of reality.

My novel, ‘De protodood in zwarte haren’ deals with very similar themes. The story’s protagonist turns to abstraction and voluntarily attempts to break down the physical world: first as an artist, then as a human being. It becomes a way to transcend an otherwise meaningless life.

As artists, we have no choice but to keep a certain distance from the reality of daily life; to observe, and to purposely estrange ourselves from things most people take for granted. Through this observation, we may eventually find ourselves disconnected from the exterior world, unable to find a way back. But it is precisely here, in the space of artistic isolation, that we find previously undiscovered, hidden beauty.

Writer and musician Ruben Wijlacker (1994) will present his first novel 'De protodood in zwarte haren’ on the 8th of March from 8 -11 p.m. at GoMulan Gallery. Find more information here.

Jonat Deelstra, oil and acrylic paint on  canvas, 150cm x 100cm.
‘See And Seen’ (2019)

Jonat Deelstra,  oil  paint on canvas, 130cm x 160cm.
‘The Adventure That Never Took Place’ (2019),

Jonat Deelstra, oil and  acrylic paint on  wooden panel, 61cm x 49cm.
‘The Living Room I’ve Never Seen’ (2019)

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