Hi there, I'm Mulan Go (1998), cultural heritage student and the founder of the GoMulan Gallery.


on the first of November 2018 GoMulan Gallery opened her doors at the Van Ostadestraat 43A, Amsterdam, as a pop - up gallery. Three months later GoMulan Gallery became a permanent gallery.

GoMulan Gallery, founded by Mulan Go (1998), offers a platform for emerging art. By showing work of young artists in a monumental school building in Amsterdam GoMulan fuctions as a springboard. GoMulan exhibits recently graduated artists whose work is still affordable. She often combines this new guard with renowned artists, which results in a strong substantive connection between generations. 

''Establishing this gallery gave me the opportunity to gain experience as to what a gallery nowadays is all about, I wanted to offer that same experience to young upcoming artists. All these ambitions resulted in a platform where (young) creatives have the opportunity to explore and grow. And maybe even more important, it is a place where anyone have their first encounter with art and make their first steps into looking, loving and collecting art.''