Matt Chaim de Groot

Chaim de Groot (1969) was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Israel where conflicts and contradictions in the broadest sense of the word exist. Conflicts on a physical and mental level are the source of inspiration for his images. From 1996 - 2000 Matt studied at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Later from 2000 to 2004 he studied Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Soon after his studies Matt started teaching and coaching young artists, at the Fotoacademie, in their postgraduate quest as he developed his artistic practice: ''I'm looking for the bridge between the photography of the last century and the photography of the future. As an artist I not only create, but also try to inspire others''. Artist Matt Chaim de Groot grew up in Israel. At the age of eighteen he served his military service. Via road 98 he travelled to the front line, the border between Syria and the Golan Heights. Since 1973 this border has had a ceasefire on paper, but reality seems to be different. For Matt this place has several meanings. It is a place where he is at home and a place full of conflict.


Group Exhibition Circle Gallery 'Tipping Point' (2019)
Group Exhibition 'PHOTOGRAPHY REDEFINED' (2019)
Tobacco Theater
Group Exhibition Dokzaal E+ collective (2019)
Exhibition “Rebel without a cause” Gallery Zic Zerp Rotterdam 2018
Exhibition experimental work about “what am I” OT301 Amsterdam 2017
Solo exhibition Galley Pantheon 2017
Art Festival Aalsmeer 2016
Exhibition City Hall Aalsmeer
Solo exhibition at Noord Noordwijk
Exhibition Reade Amsterdam
Exhibition WOW Amsterdam
Founding of DCP
Exhibition art festival Aalsmeer 2012
Exhibition DCP gallery Pantheon
Group exhibition Gallery Fotogram Amsterdam
Video installation at KunstVlaai Amsterdam
Exhibition at kunstfort Vijhuizen with G.Bahir
Group exhibition Sandberg Institute Amsterdam
Group Exhibition Haarlem NS gebouw

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